Probably the creepiest and coolest caterpillar you will ever see.

It’s called Phyllodes Imperialis and is nicknamed the Halloween caterpillar.

The last picture is what it looks like as a moth. 

When other creatures bother it, it draws itself up and stretches its skin until it looks like a large animal with two blue-black eyes and several rows of teeth between them (1st picture)

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Boes e Merdules (Sardinian Masks).Ottana, Sardegna (Sardinia), Italy

The island of Sardegna (Sardinia) has a very special tradition of peculiar Carnival masks.

The Carnival parade of the town of Ottana is composed of Boes (Oxen) and Merdules (Herdsmen): they symbolize the conflict between the bestial istinct and the human reason. Merdules (Herdsmen) chase and catch the Boes (Oxen) and both of them depict violent fights. Sa Filonzana is another mask representing a black dressed old woman spinning yarn (she represent the death), ready to cut the yarn of life. She threatens to cut yours, if you don’t treat her to drink..

Some social scientists bring back these masks up to pre-Christian and pagan Nuragic era; the tradition could be born as a totem ritual of cattle domestication.and/or in honor of some pastoral gods.

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Ho visto questo Carnevale a Tricarico per il raduno di tutti i Carnevali rurali d’Italia! Ce ne sono di più terrificanti di questo Sardo! Giuro! Faccio ancora incubi…


Anthropomorphic Tree

Anthropomorphism which is the recognition of human-like characteristics or form in animals, plants or non-living things. This tree, which can be found in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, has roots which have taken a human-like form.

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"Only in the unreal can we be saved. Reality ruins everything and everyone"

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Head of Medusa - Rubens

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(From Händel’s opera Giulio Cesare in Egitto)

piangero la sorte mia

si crudele e tanto mia

finchè vita in petto avrò

ma poi morta, d’ogni intorno

il tiranno e notte e giorno

fatta spettro, agiterò.

I shall weep for my fate,

So cruel and so wicked,

As long as I shall have life in my bosom.

But when I am dead, and I have become a ghost,

I shall haunt the tyrant everywhere,

Night and day.


Gothic and renaissance architecture / churches in black and white

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Artist on Tumblr

Alice Lin | on Tumblr (b.1980, China) - Faramita 彼岸. Canson drawing paper, pencil, 83x41 inches (2014)

Alice Lin is a freelance artist, painter, illustrator and 3D Effects Artist working and living in Beijing. She has been studying calligraphy, Chinese painting and classical poetry since she was a child. Mixing the watercolor and the traditional Chinese painting techniques, Alice Lin creates a unique, fanciful and whimsical world full of details.

© All images courtesy of the artist

[more Alice Lin | artist found at darksilenceinsuburbia]

"There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable."

Mark Twain (via wordsnquotes)

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